Hello dear friends!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Mastering the Knife.  I’ve enjoyed hearing from you as the chapters unrolled. And I’ve enjoyed listening to each chapter too. The serial reading has been so popular that we’ll do it again with Surgeon and Love, the next in The Surgeon’s Tale series.  

So, it’s goodbye to Mastering the Knife and hello to Surgeon and Lover.

Starting next week, come along with me as we travel to London once again.  While you are listening to David Sweeney Bear’s marvelous Audible reading, I’ll be working on finishing the fourth book, Great Joy, Great Sorrow, about An Immigrant’s Journey Through Surgical Residency.  I’m surprised by the differences between American and British surgical practice and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Thanks for being a faithful reader/listener!  And do keep in touch.

Thank you.
My best

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