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Michael Meguid is a surgeon, researcher, and creative nonfiction writer, who blends his learnings from each walk of life into a series called A Surgeon’s Tale, a four-part historical biography that reaches beyond the merely personal to convey something of the cultures, people, politics, and places that touch the inscrutable heart of human nature.

Meguid Researcher


“Most medical students are attracted to surgery… They know nothing of the haunting anxieties, the keen disappointments, the baffling perplexities, the dread responsibilities, and the numerous self-reproaches of one who spends his life as an operating surgeon.”

– J. C. DaCosta (1863-1933)

Meguid Researcher


“The most valuable lesson that knowledge can teach us is that its creation depends upon a continuous line of human relationships, and traditions that go far back into the past.  Its continuity is an unbroken thread.  It links cultures and peoples;  It brings tolerance and understanding;  It delivers hope and compassion.”

– Richard Horton, Editor, Lancet-1992

Meguid Researcher


“Have I betrayed them all by telling the story?  Or is it the other way around:  would I have betrayed them if I had not told it?”

– Amos Oz

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