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Readers of Surgeon & Lover have encountered this message when attempting to place a Review of my work on Amazon:

“We apologize but this account has not met the minimum eligibility requirements to write a review. If you would like to learn more about our eligibility requirements, please see our community guidelines.”

This is the reason my readers have sent their evaluation/review of my books to me, the author, asking me to place their evaluation on my website. Amazon is a private company and is within its legal rights to set their rules for customer participation.

However, this statement seems to be an unhelpful bias not only to the author’s work but ultimately also to Amazon. To the author, it excludes honest public opinions of a book that was obtained from Amazon, thus unfairly preventing other Amazon readers to assess the merits of the book. To Amazon it discourages further sales of a product that would benefit their sales

This is a brilliant and very personal expose of a life first bridging two national, social and language cultures, then absorbing what is best from a third culture, that which is scholarly and academic. It can be argued that this mix largely contributed to a vision and a universal language reflected in the author’s success as a doctor and surgeon of the highest quality. 

Patricia Sands

author of the bestselling Love in Provence series

Surgeon & Lover—Fulfillment & Folly is the captivating story of a young man struggling with nearly incapacitating injuries left by the damage inflicted by parental neglect and a rootless childhood. Meguid compensates with driving ambition and a need for love to give him the equilibrium and self-justification he needs.  Told with honesty, self-deprecation, humor, and literary artistry, it is the portrait of a lonely man, making sometimes inappropriate decisions in his emotional vulnerability. We can’t help but admire how he faces surgery and life head-on as he works tirelessly in his profession to help others. We root for him all the way.  Though third in the quartet A Surgeon’s Tale, this biographical sketch can stand on its own.

Jan Tramontano

What Love Becomes

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