Dear Friends,

Many have written to tell me how much you’ve enjoyed listened to each chapter of the current book, Mastering the Knife. Some have assumed it is I who is reading the book. Alas it is not. The narrator is the smooth voice of David Sweeny-Bear, whose picture is shown above. He is a voice artist and I’m most fortunate to have him narrate my Audible series in its totality and each chapter serially each week.

David Sweeney-Bear is a British-born voice actor and audiobook producer, currently living in Ireland. Narrator of over 35 audiobooks ranging from Children’s Fiction to Sci-Fi, Horror, Historical Fiction, Biography and memoir, David has a versatile and creative approach to audio production.

Having been actively involved in audiobooks for the last 5 years, David also has a solid background in performance and audio production through his many years of experience writing music and playing live.

In addition to continuing audiobook projects in 2023, David will be concentrating on adding sound design and music composition to his growing list of services at the dsbaudio website:

As well as producing audiobooks for Audible/Amazon, David also produces a podcast of classic short stories from authors such as M R James, Edgar Allan Poe and E F Benson, which can be found at his Youtube channel as well as most other podcast platforms.

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