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The story of Roots & Branches so far, as narrated by David Sweeny-Bear: We concluded Part I (1905-1954) which dealt with my early childhood and my Egyptian family. Mother was unable or unwilling to acclimate to the culture into which she married causing a constant state of tension. My father’s promise on their wedding day to return to Europe from Egypt so she could continue her education. This promise was interrupted by WW 2 and having two children. My arrival in 1944 was so inconvenient to her that she considered a back-room abortion—a theme that shadows all the forthcoming episode. The delays to return to Germany in 1948 made her intolerant to living in Egypt and unable to take advantage of my Egyptian grandparents’ good will. This promise hung over our entire life, like the sword of Damocles and it was to fall in the coming episodes with disastrous consequences.

Now for Part II (1949-1956). Enjoy listening to this continuing episode of R Roots & Branches. Drop me a line with your reactions and thoughts about this book here. I’d be delighted to hear from you.

Michael M Meguid

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