Meet the Author

Michael Meguid, MD, PhD, FACS, MFA, is a surgeon, writer, and clinical nutrition researcher. Over his forty-five years of practice, he operated on many diverse patients and was a Professor of Surgery and Nutrition at UCLA and Upstate University,M3 in his study Syracuse. In 1982 he developed an NIH funded laboratory to investigate nutrition and cancer issues, and lectured on this research around the world. He founded and edited Nutrition—The International Journal of Applied and Basic Nutritional Sciences in 1985, which continues to flourish. While working at the Syracuse VA hospital, he headed the Institutional Review Board that approved, monitored, and reviewed biomedical and behavioral research dealing with ethical dilemmas in patient care. He is a member of numerous national and international medical societies and invited frequently as a guest speaker on his research.

Michael was born in Cairo to a bicultural family and spent his childhood between Egypt, Germany, and England. Before he decided that he wanted to become a doctor, Michael loved gliding and flying. However, at the age of eleven, he viewed his own gangrenous appendix in a jar on a hospital’s bedside table, and marveled at the doctor’s commitment to make him feel well again. It was then that he first felt the desire to become a surgeon.

After attending University College Hospital, London, and completing surgical residency at Harvard Medical School, Michael became troubled by aspects of patient care in hospitals and decided to devote his career to improving these issues and bettering the relationship between doctor and patient. The relationships that he fostered with his own patients are the basis for much of his writing, and were the driving force throughout his life as an MD.

When he retired, Michael immersed himself in English Literature and the Humanities at Bennington, VT. He is a founding member and current VP of the writers group on Marco Island, where he benefits from a different type of discussion—one of sentences and similes, not proteins and probiotics.

Michael has been published in The Bennington Review, Stone Canoe, Columbia Medical Review, Hektoen International, and in the Marco Island Writers Anthology. He attended Colgate Writers’ Conference, AWP Annual Conference & Book Fair, and Sanibel Island Writers Conference. Manuscripts are currently under review by The American Scholar, Bellevue Literary Review, Breadloaf and Pulse. He is a current member of AWP and The Society of Authors.

He resides in Marco Island, Florida with his four-legged muse, Lucy, a Chihuahua, where current projects include a collection of nonfiction short stories and a creative memoir about coming to America.